Armed Teenage boy scars off two home intruders

March 1st, 2012

A pair of crooks picked the wrong Milford [MI]

home to break into. They weren’t attacked by the family dog or

confronted by the police. Instead, they were confronted by a

13-year old boy. Josh Cichy came home Friday night to two men

trying to rob his house. That’s when the teen went straight for

his spotlight, an airsoft pistol and his shotgun to scare them

away. Cichy says he first shined the spotlight in their eyes then

fired a warning shot. The thieves took off running. Fox 2′s Simon

Shaykhet spoke with the teen about how he defended his home.

Click on the video player to the left to watch his story.

(According to the video, he fired one Airsoft pellet, striking

one of the burglars in the face, then fired a warning

shot into the air with the shotgun.)

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