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If I knew then…..

October 25, 1999

What I know now. When I lived in what local cops and media called “the most gang infested block in the San Fernando Valley” I hated guns. The criminals had them. I did not. We literally dodged bullets there. I wasn’t only dodging bullets. I was ducking and running and screaming to get away from [...]

We here in Washington who like the right to defend ourselves applauded when a state supreme court judge threw out a lawsuit against a couple, the Clines, who’s gun was stolen. The .44 was used by the theif to kill a 25 year old women, and her parents were suing the theft victims for allegedly [...]

Following is a letter received at WAGC: A man who thinks that women shouldn’t have fireams for self defense. It’s too dangerous for us women! Male writer’s comments = >>> My Response = >> A friend of mine who is a retired LEO responds = > When people write to WAGC and criticize our members, [...] FAIR USE: The Misfire That Wounded Colt’s By GARY KLECK ALLAHASSEE, Fla. — If Eliot Spitzer, New York State’s Attorney General, has his way, more of the nation’s gun manufacturers will follow the lead of the Colt’s Manufacturing Company and cut back big parts of their business to please the advocates of gun control. [...]

Brady (NICS) Stats For First 4 Months More Than 3 Million Americans Now on FBI List by Alan Korwin For Publication, 445 Words May 14, 1999 One-time North American Serial Rights Copyright 1999 Alan Korwin Not-for-profit circulation approved. ALAN KORWIN is the author of the unabridged guide, “Gun Laws of America–Every Federal Gun Law on [...]

Every 12 seconds…….

October 23, 1999

Every 12 seconds, an American gun owner uses a firearm in defense against a criminal. Among 15.7% of gun defenders interviewed nationwide during The National Self Defense Survey conducted by Florida State University criminologists in 1994, the defender believed that someone “almost certainly” would have died had the gun not been used for protection — [...]

Handgun Control Free Products You have to check this out! Handgun Control Free Products These are free products for supporters of Handgun Control Inc.. Here is your chance to put you and your family’s lives and safety where your rhetoric is. If you believe that you can stop crime by enacting more anti-gun legislation [...]

Good News For Those Who Love Freedom — Congress torpedoes free speech restrictions, National ID card Gun Owners of America E-Mail/FAX Alert 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151 Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408 (Friday, October 22, 1999) — Gun owners cheered this week when efforts to squelch free speech were shelved for [...]

Courtesy of Bill Utterback. ————————— JAMA stats tell the tale Doctors kill more people than guns and traffic accidents by Don Harkins SANDPOINT — Last St. Patrick’s Day, Sandpoint Chiropractor Blaze Welch gave a lecture on how to “get off of the disease scary-go-round” at the Gardenia Center here. The purpose of the talk, which [...]

Tell ‘em Vin! Fair Use: FROM MOUNTAIN MEDIA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATED OCT. 20, 1999 THE LIBERTARIAN, By Vin Suprynowicz Give these women guns The newspapers reported Donna Hernandez of Las Vegas did everything she could to protect herself. Fearing that her estranged husband was going to kill her, she repeatedly informed the police that [...]

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