Framed in Muskets: The next time you look at the American Flag…

March 1st, 2012

…..waving proud and free over at the courthouse, or perhaps the
short time it takes to put your hand over your heart at a
sporting event, you may very well ask yourself this question. How
did this all come about, and what lets it endure? ?To the
amazement of our adversaries, those who oppose or disagree are
allowed to speak freely within our borders, as well as everyone
else. Through this we learn rather than to silence. Then we can
write about it, walk with our head up with equality, trade freely
and go home and pray to our god. And when we get home, we can be
secure. Why? Because behind every kitchen door, under a cash
register, near a night table or another quick and handy place
lies the reason. Plain and simple, we are armed to the last

The Second Amendment IS Homeland Security !