Lesson: Be in a position to defend yourself, or suffer ……

March 1st, 2012

From John Farnam:

8 Apr 09

NY Incident, from a friend close to the investigation:

“Without getting into data that is not yet in public view, I

believe we can take two key learning points from this terrible


(1) This VCA scored an impressive KIA/WIA ratio. When handguns

are involved, the ratio is usually 20/1, or even less. When

heaver weapons are involved, and, as with the Columbine Incident

in CO, police do not respond aggressively, the ratio is much

higher, as we see! Responding officers did not make entry for

forty-five minutes. That is a long time in a one-way fight!

(2) However, even with the best of tactical plans, we police are

rarely in a position to save anyone from violent criminals. We

are oh-so good at chalking out bodies and collecting evidence.

We positively excel at figuring out precisely what happened, and

who did what. All of which is cold comfort for those at the

pointy end of the spear, in the present tense!”

Lesson: Be in a position to defend yourself, or suffer the

consequences. It’s that simple!

Don’t wait to be rescued, and don’t worry about someone else’s

rules. There are no “degrees of dead,” and you won’t get to

change channels nor go back to the beginning and reboot!

We’re going to see this again!


8 Apr 09

The Second Amendment IS Homeland Security !