Not Your Run of the Mill Gun Raffle

March 1st, 2012

Not Your Run of the Mill Gun Raffle
Date: Nov 1, 2007 10:08 PM
The Central Vermont Friends of NRA are running a raffle that has extremely
high end firearm prizes, intended to appeal to a specific type of serious shooter.

Click here: Springfield Armory
M1A, the semi-auto version of the M-14. It is a classic rifleman’s rifle.
For the first time this year Camp Perry had a completely separate M1A-M-14 match.

Click here: Welcome to Rock River Arms’ Online Show Room
The Rock River M-4 will come with a quad rail for its handguard.
This allows additional accessories to be placed on the quad rail . I.E. a
flash lighting system, laser system. The way the detachable top rail would
allow an EOTech, Aimpoint or KONUS sighting system to be installed and
still retain the iron sights on the rail. This is the rifle set-up for the rifle part of
three gun shooting. Keep going to see a great pistol for three gun matches.

Click here: Kimber – Continuing The Legacy

The Kimber Desert Warrior is a 1911-type .45 ACP that is based on the pistol
created for the elite Marine Detachment assigned to U.S. Special Operations

Any winner can opt to take a $1,000 cash instead of a firearm.

Only 150 tickets will be sold, there will be one drawings a month
for six months. Each month the winner will have their choice of
any of the three firearm prizes or $1,000.

There will be six winners, and all tickets, including any winning
tickets, remain in the drawing pool for all six drawings, so it is
possible for a ticket to win more than once.

Tickets are $100, so for $100 a ticket holder gets six chances to
win. Or, it is $16.67 for each chance to win a top end firearm or $1,000
The goal is to sell all 150 tickets by January 1st.

If $100 seems steep, split the cost of the ticket with a couple of friends
and take turns on the monthly drawings.

All federal and state laws apply for acquiring firearm prizes.

If you are interested in purchasing a raffle ticket please contact
the Central Vermont Friends of NRA Treasurer:

Richard Guyette
14 Cummings Street Apt 2
MONTPELIER VT 05602-2003