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March 1st, 2012

Armed Citizens and Self-Defense: A Street Cop’s Point of View
I carry a weapon everywhere and at all times for my own defense and for the protection of my family. As a police officer, the stories that I hear about citizens defending themselves makes me feel just a little better about the many, many stories I hear about those seemingly helpless individuals who will forever be victims. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be at the mercy of the criminals whose mentality I know well ( I worked the jail for 3 years). I prey I never find myself facing these people without my OWN means to protect myself.
Officer J Manley – Georgia LEO


The focus of law should be on taking those individuals off the street who “initiate the use of force to violate the inalienable individual right to life and property of other human beings”…!

All 20,000 plus “Victimless Crime laws” addressed to the ownership or use of inanimate objects, or substances should be repealed!

It matters not to a victim or victims whether they were injured or killed by a truck, automobile, baseball bat, coke bottle, poison or the hundreds of thousands of other objects and/or substances that can be used to cause injury or death. i.e., the focus of the law should be on the “INITIATOR”, i.e., THE CRIMINAL who initiated the use of force to commit the act of aggression against another human being!

There are at least 250,000 household items and chemical substances that could be used by a criminal to cause injury or death… and or to commit suicide. i.e., any kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or garage has an endless variety of such objects or substances to commit murder or suicide.

To license every such object or substance would create a federal, state, county and city bureaucracy many times larger than the one we now have with over Seventeen Million freeloaders on the tax paid roles in this country. (civil servants, military and contract personnel) Notwithstanding the fact that the so-called “gun issue” is emotionally contrived for political goals by criminally incompetent politicians and the media; a statistical analysis of the causes of injury and death lend no support for their fabricated position.

There are far more injuries from baseball, basketball, football, golf, fishing, boating and myriad other activities of humans than from firearms by orders of magnitude!

Statistically there is a 40:1 better chance of being killed in or by an automobile than by a firearm or riding on the world’s finest airlines (probability of being killed by a firearm or riding the world’s finest airlines if 1:100,000 and in or by an automobile 1:2,500. Thus the fallacious argumentation of Slick Willie (aka Zipper Bill) the national liar in the White House along with the Criminals in HANDGUN CONTROL– are nothing but fabrications, distortions and criminal propaganda designed to get the people of our country to “give up their right to SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST CRIMINAL AGGRESSORS” by overturning the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

The position of firearms owners in this country should be to “STRIKE DOWN ALL VICTIMLESS CRIME LAWS”, and push our alleged representatives in government to write and pass one law essentially as follows:

Any individual human being who initiates the use of force to violate
the inalienable individual right of another human being, irrespective of
the object or substance used, is a criminal to that extent.

By said criminal act, the initiator of force, at that moment loses the right
to life or any protection under the law and may be deal with by the
moral retaliatory use of force at any level essential for the intended
victim to maintain his or her right to life and property inviolate against
criminal aggression including lethal force.

The focus of the courts should be to punish all individuals who “initiate
the use of force to violate the inalienable individual right to life and
property of other individual human beings”

No law, rule, regulation, or prohibition on the books of this country (or
any other) has ever served to stop a single act of robbery, murder or
other criminal aggression against other human beings and never will !

Until the NRA, and others attempting to retain our RIGHT TO SELF
DEFENSE under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution wake-up and
learn to understand the philosophical reasoning essential to fighting
emotionally contrived lies from Zipper Bill and stop even mentioning
the mindless from HC, we will never win our battle.

We must educate our members to understand that ..

SELF-DEFENSE! i.e., without that RIGHT,we are SLAVES!!!!

Best Regards,

Dr. Robert Ingram Powell, Ph.D.
[email protected]

===== Smart Cops Say NO……..
As a police officer with over 25 years in the business, I can tell you
without a second thought, I would never carry a weapon that: A) is only
sometimes reliable – a 1% failure rate is too high; B) relies in any way on batteries to function; and C) cannot be picked up and instantly used by my partner.

I cannot think of a single instance where a “smart gun” could be of benefit
“on the street”, where I work. If you are afraid of someone using you
weapon against you; you are: #1) in the wrong “business” #2) doing
something wrong, tactically.

In my book, “smart guns” aren’t. They are just another attempt – from a different direction – to eliminate guns from citizens; I can see it a few years down the road that all guns that aren’t “smart” have to be turned in – then you can only get a “smart gun” with police “permission”.

It’s all garbage.

WC – Texas LEO