Women Against Gun Control

March 1st, 2012



(especially Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton)

“ Women do NOT Support Gun Control!”

“Women Do NOT Want to be Victims!”

Join Women Against Gun Control,

“Ladies of High Caliber”

The 2nd Amendment IS the Equal Rights Amendment!

Women Have Taken Away Our Guns.

Women Must Get Them Back!

It’s not ladylike to take things that don’t belong to you.

Our guns and our gun rights are ours.

You can’t have them!

Teach politicians some manners.

Join Women Against Gun Control.

It’s free.

Just take the WAGC pledge and print out a WAGC membership card for your wallet.(Click here for membership card and pledge.)

Men are also welcome to join, too.

(Unlike most women’s rights organizations, we don’t hate men. We like men!)

About WAGC: Nineteen years ago I was in a serious car crash. A thin white divider sheet separated the hospital room that I was sharing with a man who had been intentionally shot in the neck with a 9mm handgun. We both survived.: Click here for more information: