AZ: Oops wrong house

March 1st, 2012

Oops, Wrong House, Further Details from Arizona: Two teenage boys

who officers say were caught burglarizing a Chandler [AZ] home on

Wednesday admitted to a number of other burglaries resulting in

the recovery of stolen property, Chandler police said

Friday One of the boys was caught inside the home of James

Caryl in the 800 block of West Elgin Street, about 7:30 a.m.

Wednesday. Caryl arrived home to be told by his son and neighbor

that the pair were inside and police had been called. Caryl’s

13-year-old son was home alone when the boys knocked on the front

door. After he looked out the window and realized he did not know

them, he didn’t answer the door. Caryl’s son then saw the two

boys, ages 16 and 17, walk around the house and go to the back

door before forcing their way inside, police said. Caryl’s son

ran out the front door and to a neighbor’s house, where they

called 911. Before police arrived, Caryl said he would take care

of the incident himself and went inside and [saic] to retrieve

his gun, according to police. While in his home, he apprehended

one of the boys at gunpoint, and the other one jumped out of the

second-story window, according to police (Fools rush

in With police on the way and no family members inside the

home, it doesnt seem to me that it was worth the risk of

the homeowner clearing his own home, particularly if he

wasnt even carrying a gun when he entered. Then again,

perhaps he realized that his handgun was not properly secured

inside the home)

The Second Amendment IS Homeland Security !