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?He said the robber at the adjacent teller station kept one hand behind his back at all times until the teller began doling out dollar bills. The robber demanded a stack of larger bills instead and moved both hands to the window to collect the cash. Within seconds, Fawzi drew his handgun, racked a round [...]

*This was first published six years ago in Jewish World Review. It bears reminding. Her last paragraph perfectly describes liberal Democrat males.* * The anti-gun male * // * **–* LET’S be honest. He’s scared of the thing. That’s understandable–so am I. But as a girl I have the luxury of being able to admit [...]

; Surveys Show Personal Protection A Big Motivator The Second Amendment IS Homeland Security !

So much for the theory that strict gun control prevents mass murder. —————————————————————————– 7 reported dead in Tokyo stabbing spree 10 more wounded; alleged attacker says he was ‘tired of life’ The Associated Press updated 9:39 a.m. ET, Sun., June. 8, 2008 TOKYO – A Japanese man rammed a truck into a crowd of shoppers, [...]

SHARP TURN On the knife’s edge As Toronto cops crack down on guns, thugs turn to their weapon of second choice ——————————————————————————– Standing behind the counter of his knife stall at a Mississauga flea market, Serge Cotrim whips open a Paratrooper pocket knife, revealing a menacing eight-centimetre blade. “It’s not a switchblade,” he says, slipping [...]

What Japan’s WW2 officers said about attacking our mainland…… Date: Jun 7, 2008 6:42 PM Attachments: unnamed ——————————————————— The 2nd Amendment is THE Equal Rights Amendment! It NEVER disriminates between We the People NOR the Arms We Bear. ——————————————————— WHAT JAPAN’S WW2 OFFICERS FEARED ABOUT ATTACKING AMERICA’S MAINLAND In 1960, Japanese officers from WW2 met [...]

JPFO ALERT:THE KIMBER KISS-UP > > By L. Neil Smith <mailtto:[email protected] > > For Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership > > > > For those of us who make the transition from gun owner and shooter > to Second Amendment activist, the most disillusioning phenomenon we > have to face is that [...]

Winnipeg Sun Letter: Self-defence is a right, not vigilantism. Date: Jun 6, 2008 11:51 AM PUBLICATION: The Winnipeg Sun DATE: 2008.06.06 EDITION: Final SECTION: Editorial/Opinion PAGE: 10 COLUMN: Letters to the Editor NOT ‘SHOOT-OUTS’ Re: ‘A right to do what?’ Paul Rutherford, June 4. Paul Rutherford tries his damnedest to conflate lawful individual self-defence with [...]

BCWF: The Mayor Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight Date: Jun 5, 2008 1:49 PM NOTE: Forwarded at the request of the BCWF. B.C WILDLIFE FEDERATION NEWS RELEASE – June 5, 2008 The Mayor Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight It is small wonder that Toronto Mayor David Miller cannot get violent crime under control. He keeps taking aim [...]

Ontario Judge: Officers flagrantly violated the defendant’s constitutional rights Date: Jun 5, 2008 1:21 PM PUBLICATION: GLOBE AND MAIL DATE: 2008.06.05 PAGE: A7 BYLINE: KIRK MAKIN SECTION: National News EDITION: Metro WORD COUNT: 335 ——————————————————————————– JUSTICE: DRUG-TRAFFICKING CASE Police treatment of suspect leads judge to throw out evidence ——————————————————————————– An Ontario judge has tossed out [...]

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