(KY) Abusive ex-husband shot to death 01-26-04

March 1st, 2012

(KY) Abusive ex-husband shot to death 01-26-04


Woman May Not Be Charged After Killing Husband

January 26, 2004 – An Oldham County woman admitted to killing her
ex-husband, but may never face charges. Two weeks ago, investigators say
Donna Fryman, 36, shot Dan Fryman,38, several times in their Goshen
home. Dan’s family wants police to charge Donna with murder, but that
might not ever happen.

The Frymans were married for 17 years and divorced in 2002.

Family members say the two were trying to reconcile, but her attorney
says that reconciliation was laced with domestic violence.
“He was using drugs, assaulted her, and actually bit her on the face,”
Donna’s attorney, Steve Romines, alleges. “He pulled a gun, threatened
to kill her, and threatened to kill her family.”

The abuse is what Donna says led to her shooting and killing her

Romines said an argument the morning of the shooting left her in a life
threatening situation.

“She got away, he found her again and pulled a gun,” Romines said. “She
found another gun (and when) he pointed the gun at her, she defended

Romines said Donna has given police a detailed account of her life with
Dan, and her fears of a man she says she still loved.

Romines said she couldn’t cut her ties to him even after they divorced.

“They started dating when she was 15,” Romines said. “She loved him and
he would constantly promise he would get off the drugs and seek help,
but she wanted to help him.”

Dan Fryman’s family said they weren’t aware of any drug use, and gave a
different description of the couple’s relationship.

“That child could not walk in and say something (without) contradicting
him or putting him down or telling him to shut up,” Dan’s mother, also
named Donna, said. “I mean, is that an abused woman?”

Romines says there is medical and physical evidence that support Donna’s
claim of self-defense.

As for why his client is free, and not charged, he says that’s the way
it should be.

“You don’t draw your conclusion immediately and then try and gather
facts to support it — that’s not how it should be done,” he said.

A police spokesperson says this case could go directly to the Oldham
County grand jury without charges attached.

If it does, it will be up to jurors to decide if
Donna defended herself, or committed a crime. No word yet as to when or
if the grand jury might hear the case.