ALERT: Do You Want to Live Under Such Laws?

March 1st, 2012

America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

Date: July 12, 2000

ALERT: Do You Want to Live Under Such Laws?

Here is an example of how a government, the state of Israel, has
severely restricted the individual right to firearms ownership.

See (English & Hebrew)

The gun grabbers in America are slowly working their way in this
direction. *We can’t let that happen here.* Support JPFO or any
legitimate organization that’s working to preserve the Second
Amendment–BUT DO SOMETHING! JPFO has several programs in which
you can get involved. Most of them are things you can do as an
individual or in a group. Here are some ideas, but there are
plenty more–get creative!

1. Distribute JPFO booklets to family, friends, civic group or
gun club members, scout troops, college student organizations,
etc. Education is our #1 tactic.


2. Write letters to the editor on issues such as Bill of Rights
Day, Racist Roots of Gun Control, and Dial 911 and Die (the
police protection myth). (Use samples on website if desired.)

See for example

3. Write letters to corporations and other entities challenging
their support for “gun control.” JPFO has a number of sample
letters on the website you can use or tailor to your needs.

See for just one example

4. Contact a local government representative, such as councilman,
assemblyman, mayor, etc. about having a Bill of Rights Day
resolution introduced and passed. Sample resolution is available
on the website, or contact us for more information. (Sometimes a
group of two or more working together can increase the chances
of BORD resolutions in local and state governments…. yet
individuals have been able to get them passed, too.)


5. Contribute funds to JPFO to further our work. (Either direct
contributions or by purchase of products and materials.) You’d
be amazed how efficient JPFO is, and especially when compared to
some larger organizations.


6. Encourage others to join JPFO, or at least to subscribe to our
free internet alert system. (Give them sample materials to
stimulate their interest.) Having a booth at a gun show is a
great way to easily get the message out and sign up members.


7. Sponsor a bill board advertisement in your town. Contact us
for details. This really works … and fast!


8. Write a personal letter to a favorite talk show host … ask
him or her to interview JPFO generally … or Richard Stevens
about the Dial 911 and Die book.


9. Sponsor an essay contest at a local high school or college …
topic on the Bill of Rights or the Second Amendment or the Right
to Keep and Bear Arms. Supply applicants with JPFO materials as

More more more — We have tons of ideas … let us know what
interests you. (All of these ideas have been done successfully
by others.) We’ll work with you.

In liberty,
Rabbi R. Mermelstein

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Fax: 1-262-673-9746

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