Does ?Gun Control? Benefit Law Enforcement?:

March 1st, 2012

Does Gun Control Benefit Law Enforcement?:

Gun Control Laws actually have existed for hundreds of

years. Of course, in colonial America they were vastly different

than they are today. For instance, in colonial Massachusetts, it

was required that any citizen traveling more than one mile from

home be armed. Get that? It was required that they carry a gun!

Can you imagine? In Massachusetts no less? In the end I

believe that Gun Control laws are not of much benefit to law

enforcement. Bad guys will get guns no matter what. Good guys -

those citizens who respect and support us – present no threat in

owning or carrying firearms (although I agree they need to be

well trained!) (I agree with Frank that armed citizens

should be well trained but training requirements should not be a

prerequisite to the exercise of a fundamental right.)