[NV-firearms] Something interesting happened this week……nothing happened.

March 1st, 2012

[NV-firearms] Something interesting happened this week……nothing happened.

Date: May 30, 2009 12:19 AM

I thought I would relate to you something that you already know – that

gun owners in America are NOT the problem or to be worried about.

This week, President Barry Soetoro visited Las Vegas. This was in

support of his senate wimp, er a majority leader Harry “let me see how

I can kiss his ass this week” Reid, to help him raise funds for his

recoronation. I’m sure Harry will have need of all those FRN’s.

Between the hyper-inflation that is coming soon which will wipe out

the spending power of them, and the fact that good ol’ Harry is behind


need to grease his mud slinging machine like never before. Now even

with every reporter in town fawning all over themselves trying to find

an angle to report on, it would have been easy to ignore this

ignoramus while he was rubbing shoulders with the Hollyweird

entertainment elite at Caesars Palace and walking all over our service

men and women while pretending to understand how the photovoltaic

solar panels at Nellis Air Force Base work. But for two days, traffic

was all tied up in knots anytime he wanted to go someplace. All

streets close to the freeway were blocked, as were all of the

overpasses. Working men and women were kept from going to their jobs

or about their lives, tons of air pollution were created while cars

and trucks came to a halt for long periods of time, flight paths of

aircraft were altered and delayed and millions of tax payer provided

dollars were spent so Barry could have dinner and shuttle his private

jet the ten miles from the airport to the Air Force base to avoid

causing him any inconvenience.

But the interesting part of all of this was related to me by a

visiting tourist in my shop today.

It seems that he and his wife were standing at the bus stop waiting to

be taken to another tourist spot on the strip when traffic was

suddenly altered. Lanes were blocked off and people held back while

the presidential limo and attending vehicles stopped right in from of

him and the bus stop. It then turned into the hotel and Barry got out

and was ushered into the building. The limo was about 10 feet away

from him when it stopped, and the door Barry went into was about 50

feet from him.

OK, so what is so remarkable about that? Nothing happened. And that

is the point. NOTHING happened. The tourist witnessing this was

armed with his personal protection sidearm and was carrying concealed,

as was his right. Shots didn’t ring out, no one was injured, blood

didn’t flow in the street. Nothing happened.

But to listen to President Soetoro, this man and all those like him

are a danger to themselves and to society in general, and in this

instance, to the prez himself. He has stated that no one needs the

right to protect themselves and their families. And of course, he

always travels with hundreds of staff and ARMED personal guards

watching his every step. So he is telling us we are not as good as he

is. Or that our family isn’t as important as his is. Bull****.

We all KNOW that gun owners are not the problem. Never have been,

never will be. And once again, this was proven out, the same as every

other day by millions of gun owners all across the land. The same as

it was the day my father found himself alone in a room with Franklin

Roosevelt, while armed with a loaded Thompson sub-machine gun. The

same as it will be tomorrow, next week and five years from now.

Barry can go straight back to Kenya. Or to hell. His choice. But as

for me, I will be protecting my family. With my personal protection

sidearm. And unless someone decides to endanger my family, nothing

will happen.

Oh, and for the record….I believe in God, the Constitution,

protection for the life of the unborn, Family, Gold and Guns. I have

both a Ron Paul bumpersticker AND a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ bumpersticker

on my 23 year old American made truck that I drive to work every day.

I carry a compact 1911 .45 wherever I go. I don’t go into buildings,

states, airports or any other place that says I can’t bring my gun

along. And I don’t use any of the ‘services’ that the government

provides for me. I guess that makes me a pretty dangerous individual.

Glen R. Parshall

Nevada/Utah CCW Instructor

The Second Amendment IS Homeland Security !