Winnipeg Sun Letter: Self-defence is a right, not vigilantism.

March 1st, 2012

Winnipeg Sun Letter: Self-defence is a right, not vigilantism.
Date: Jun 6, 2008 11:51 AM
PUBLICATION: The Winnipeg Sun
DATE: 2008.06.06
SECTION: Editorial/Opinion
PAGE: 10
COLUMN: Letters to the Editor


Re: ‘A right to do what?’ Paul Rutherford, June 4.

Paul Rutherford tries his damnedest to conflate lawful individual self-defence with
unlawful mob action and vigilantism. He trots out the old chestnut that there will
be “shootouts in the streets” if honest citizens were allowed to fully
exercise their right to “arms for their defence.” He uses fear-mongering
tactics, postulating about what “might” happen should “trigger-happy”
civilians pack heat.

Unfortunately for him, the reality and facts of the matter do not support his untenable
position. States in the U.S. that have passed “Shall Issue” concealed-carry
laws experience a drop in confrontational crime of 24%, on average, with no corresponding
“shootouts” in the streets. Criminals are cowards. There should be an
“open season on criminals” — that is far preferable to an open season
on disarmed citizens who are unable to defend themselves. Self-defence is a right,
not vigilantism.

Bruce Mills
Hamilton, Ont.

The Second Amendment IS Homeland Security !