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When Guns Are Outlawed: A psychotherapist in an Upper East Side office. A young woman working in a grocery store. A city bus driver behind the wheel in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, on a lunchtime route. Each of these was featured last year in a snapshot of murder in New York City, where authorities have long been [...]

Florida Homeowner Cleared in Shooting: Prosecutors have concluded Date: Apr 26, 2009 2:31 PM Florida Homeowner Cleared in Shooting: Prosecutors have concluded a Lake Wales security guard who shot a man who was breaking into his home was justified in using deadly force. Prosecutors have concluded a Lake Wales security guard who shot a man [...] Day, Liebowitz and Pirrong: Guns make colleges safer 04:56 PM CDT on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Mass public shootings are a horrific feature of modern life. Many of the bloodiest examples of this scourge have occurred on college campuses. As professors, we are particularly sensitive to this danger. Despite this no, because of this [...]

A Great Philosophy

April 24, 2009 The Second Amendment IS Homeland Security !

Hi! Here’s an article that “yours truly” wrote for U.S. News & World Report.–guns-protect-schools-from-criminals.html Last paragraph of article: April 2009. Columbine shattered any remaining hopes of schools being the safest place in the world. School shootings and mass public shootings have dramatically increased. We live in a time of moral deterioration. We’ve sadly come [...]

This has to be the most readable opinion I’ve ever seen from a court: Better yet, here’s an opinion from a pro-gun law prof: The Second Amendment IS Homeland Security !

Okay, I need a little help. I have never owned or wanted to own a gun until now. My husband, at my request, got me a gun for Christmas, a Walther PPK. He had just returned from being deployed to Iraq on Christmas Day. He is now on his way to Afghanistan. Before he left [...]

60 minutes

April 13, 2009

For those who didn’t see the 60 Minutes show yesterday, or for those who did, but would like to see it again or see some of the additional footage not shown on television, click here:;secondStory or here: – If you compare the 60 Minutes show to the 20/20 show last Friday, there isn’t [...]

From John Farnam: 8 Apr 09 NY Incident, from a friend close to the investigation: “Without getting into data that is not yet in public view, I believe we can take two key learning points from this terrible incident: (1) This VCA scored an impressive KIA/WIA ratio. When handguns are involved, the ratio is usually [...]

Gun not required for horrific murder ************************************************** Police: Man Fatally Stabs Sister, Decapitates 5-Year-Old On Birthday Monday , March 30, 2009 MILTON, Massachusetts – A man on a rampage fatally stabbed his 17-year-old sister, decapitated his 5-year-old sister in front of a police officer and then turned toward his 9-year-old sister with a [...]

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