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Good Riddance Dole

October 20, 1999

Dole Quits Presidential Race .c The Associated Press By RON FOURNIER WASHINGTON (AP) – Elizabeth Dole, who had hoped to make history as the nation’s first female president, dropped out of the rapidly shrinking Republican presidential race today. She said a lack of money doomed her spirited candidacy. “The bottom line is money,” she said. [...]

LETTER by Bill Ruger Sr. This Letter to the editor appeared in Guns & Ammo Nov. 99 edition ——————————————— CARNAGE AND VIOLENCE When was the last time the media portrayed the responsible use of recreational firearms! You wouldn’t know it from reading the newspaper or watching television, but according to the National Safety Council, the [...]

Hypocrites On Gun Control

October 7, 1999

“The biggest hypocrites on gun control are those who live in upscale developments with armed security guards — and who want to keep other people from having guns to defend themselves. But what about lower-income people living in high-crime, inner city neighborhoods? Should such people be kept unarmed and helpless, so that limousine liberals can [...]

Cook County (Illinois) Planning a Massive New Gun Control Scheme Gun Owners of America E-Mail/FAX Alert 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151 Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408 October 07, 1999 Dear Illinois gun rights supporter: I’ve got bad news if you live in Cook County. Your right to keep and bear arms [...]

I hear Fed Ex is a good service and doesn’t ask questions.. ============== ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — United Parcel Service has decided to stop delivering handguns through its ground service, sending gun makers scrambling to find alternatives to the world’s largest package distribution company, The Morning Call reported today. Atlanta-based UPS — which handles the [...]

Feminine Protection

October 7, 1999

Fair Use: Notice the last line ========= Excerpted from Feminine Protection by Lynn Burke october 5, 1999 If someone told you that about 14 million women in this country share a secret, chances are you might think it’s about sex, shoes, or obsessive compulsive disorder. You might be surprised to hear the true secret: [...]

Cincinnati Gun Lawsuit Dismissed By John Nolan Associated Press Writer Thursday, Oct. 7, 1999; 12:27 p.m. EDT CINCINNATI — An Ohio state judge today dismissed the city’s Lawsuit against gun manufacturers, a distributor and three trade associations on the grounds that it was vague and unsupported by legal precedent. Several other cities across the country [...]

Courtesy of [email protected] via the PIML list. ————————————————- A new organization has started here in New Jersey. “Afro-Americans For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership.” It is headed up by Leonard Whitley, an Afro-American. When he first got started he thought he would receive resistance from the Klan, Skin Heads, White Supremacists, etc. That didn’t happen. [...]

Who’s next in crosshairs?

October 6, 1999

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 06 1999 [WND Exclusive ] Who’s next in crosshairs? Despite denial, gun control group seeks broad reach —————————————— By Jon E. Dougherty ? 1999 A spokesman for the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence says a recent court ruling allowing lawsuits against a single gun maker to proceed does not signal an assault [...]

Courtesy of Chris W.Stark [email protected]> POST & CROSSPOST FAR & WIDE! GUN OWNERS ALLIANCE !!ALERT!! Chris W. Stark – Director 915 Yacht Ct., P.O. Box 1924 Crosby, Texas 77532-1924 Ph. (281) 787-4111 Fax (281) 328-7505 email: [email protected] 06/18/1999 The Final Inning – Time to Play Hardball _________________________ ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? Copyright 1999 By James E. [...]

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