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Open letter to Senator Hatch,    Regrettably, along with Governor Bush, you have chosen to embark upon a poll guided path of minimal resistance (erroneously perceived to be).   In reality, your destination is bleak and assures well deserved political misfortunes.  Your heading is misguided, dishonorable and destroys the integrity of the United States Constitution as [...]


October 5, 1999

“Webster’s University Dictionary – Infringed:  1.  To violate or go beyond the limits of (e.g., a law).   2.  To break (a law or agreement);  fail to observe the terms of;  violate.   3. To defeat: invalidate. – To encroach upon something.   Infringement:  1.  A violation, as of a law or agreement.   2.  An encroachment, as of [...]


October 5, 1999

To all honorable citizens of this nation,    As a former law enforcement officer of many years, I submit the following statement.    Contrary to the unrelenting, nonsensical anti-gun propaganda, government has no Constitutional authority, in any degree or manner, to infringe upon our inalienable Second Amendment rights of self-protection.    The Constitution was conceived for [...]

Greetings, For those of use who have been around this world for over half of this century, we have seen the time when women were WOMEN! We have lived through a time when the Consitution was honored and young men were willing to die to protect it. We experienced the radical sixties close up and [...]

Re. Neal Knox Report

October 5, 1999

NOTE FROM CHRIS W. STARK, DIRECTOR OF GUN OWNERS ALLIANCE: Let’s apply some tremendous pressure to these traitors. We need to voice our outrage of this “sell-out”, by contacting the gun manufacturers that are involved in this sellout listed below: Smith & Wesson 2100 Roosevelt Avenue Springfield, MA 01104 Tel: 1-800-331-0852 Fax: 1-413-747-3317 [email protected] [email protected] [...]

Oct. 4 Neal Knox Update — Saturday’s New York Times contained details of last Monday’s meeting between key gunmakers and most of the cities suing them for providing the less than one-half of one percent of their guns used in crimes. According to the Times, the attendance list was much broader than previously reported. It [...]

Our fledgling New York Chapter gained 168 new members at the Right to Carry Conference in Melville on Sunday. We are growing and hope to make a dent in the anti-firearm folks who make the laws here.

Network 54 message board

October 5, 1999

Have you read your agreement with 54? They are definitly anti-gun. Be carefuul with them. Some of us in the Pro-Freedom business have decided to change our board sites. You may want to consider that option. Keep up the good work! We need everyone to be made aware of the move by this government to [...]

Guns and Gun Control

October 4, 1999

A little History Lesson courtesy of the History Channel ——- GUNS AND GUN CONTROL The right to keep and bear arms originated in the common law right of self-defense. As Colin Greenwood has written, “The Common Law right to keep arms and the tradition of owning arms for protection, was built up during a period [...]

Danger; women, protect your God given right to survival! A blatant attack is being perpetrated against you and our children. The time has come to arm yourselves against rampant male rage and ulterior motivation; it’s time to stand up for yourselves and our children. We can no longer pretend that men are our protectors. Those [...]

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